enjoy learning urhobo with us

Language Skills

Build your understanding of Urhobo numerals, alphabets and speaking

Cultural Awareness

What do the Urhobo people like to eat; and what clothes do they normally wear?

Performing Arts

You will know more about Urhobo dance, music, drama and storytelling


Meet other people in your peer group; and learn from our young, or older adults

We Cover All levels and abilities

Urhobo School is a major part of UPU(UK)’s commitment to advance education and cultural awareness. We offer distinct learning opportunities for our members and young people to improve their understanding of the Urhobo language, and culture.

Lessons are delivered in a safe and non-judgmental way. You will have the opportunity to learn as a family with other families with children under the 16 or separately with other adults.

Start learning Urhobo

Urhobo School programme typically runs over a ten months period starting from October. Prospective learners will need to register, a small fee of £5 for registration, but the lessons are free for all members of the Urhobo community.

Once registered, learners will be able to join our twice monthly sessions, additional support will be provided between the sessions. The sessions will cover three broad aspects:

  • Fundamentals of Urhobo – dealing with Urhobo alphabets, numerals and the building blocks of leaning the language
  • Basics – understanding of Urhobo grammar
  • Speaking – learning to speak Urhobo through practice

There a number of benefits to registering, here are a few

  • Getting on a journey to learn your mother-tongue
  • Get an award and certificates for your effort
  • Be part of a great community and make new Urhobo friends
  • Fulfil a personal goal and desire
  • Help to promote and preserve our Urhobo language

Join Now and learn Urhobo with other like-minded people