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UPU(UK) is a registered branch of UPU.  We are open to all sons and daughters of Urhobo to register to become a member. As a community-based organisation, we have an aspiration to acquire charity status while engaging in initiatives to promote the welfare on the Urhobo community in the United Kingdom. Our primary focus is to create a space where members can enjoy togetherness.

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Our Core Activies

Urhobo School
Information & Webinars
Welfare and wellbeing

We will work to enhance the knowledge of the Urhobo language, culture, arts and heritage. We provide activities which will meet the needs of wide range of members and their families, this will  include, but not exclusively, annual Urhobo day, community events, conferences on range of issues which support good physical and mental health, economic advancement here in the UK

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Anyone born to an Urhobo parent over the age of 18 can become a member of UPU UK after completing the registration form.

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